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Field work in Limpopo

Hugo Dominguez-Carranza did a Masters project (French M1 + M2) looking at metamorphic rocks in the Southern Marginal Zone of the Limpopo belt. In December 2019 we went for a few days in the field, under an un-seasonal rainy, grey and even cold (!) weather and sampled some beautiful rocks…

A typical Limpopo outcrop: the bed of the Sand River at Petronella

Of course, as we all know there are some amazing granulites to be found there.

The specialists will enjoy the following photo:

Cordierite rimmed by garnet (yes, not the reverse !) in the Northern edge of the “retrogressed zone”.

Hugo did a very neat petrological study (and P-T modelling), despite the fact that he spent most of his time in lockdown (not to mention the stress of being repatriated from south Africa on the absolute last flight that left Cape Town in March…)

G. Stevens, J. Diener, H. Dominguez-Carranza, JF Moyen, December 2019

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