Friends of BuCoMO

BuCoMO, a binational project between CNRS (France), SU, UCT and UJ (South Africa), officially includes only permanent staff of these institutions. However, we are glad to acknowledge the collaboration (and friendship !) of many collaborators in other countries … or of post-graduate students who do most of the job but do not appear officially ! In no particular order:

  • The SWASA/YiPI team: P. Cawood, O. Nebel (Monash, Australia) A. McCoy-West (Queensland, Australia), M.A. Millet (Cardiff, UK), H. Smithies and I. Zibra (GSWA, Perth, Australia)
  • And more Australian… R. Weinberg (Monash)
  • ETHZ people: O. Bachmann, C. Chelle-Michou, M. Mintrone
  • Ouro Preto people (in Brazil): C. Lana and his group
  • The R guru: V. Janoušek (Prague), and also from Prague, Catherine Annen
  • Students: Mariana Werle (Stellenbosch), Laurine Travers (Montpellier), S. Kitoga (LMV), M. Vinicius (Stellenbosch), T. Otto (Stellenbosch), M. Mühlberg (Stellenbosch), B. Mapingere (UJ), H. Fest (Stellenbosch)…