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A new bunch of projects

Two new PhD projects are starting in BuCoMO collaboration:

Helena Fest is starting a project on the Variscan plutons of South-Eastern French Massif Central. This follows on the successful Msc thesis presented by Mariana Werle: we found these rocks so interesting that we decided to carry on and expand the study ! So she will be looking at the whole family of porphyritic granites there, trying to unravel source and mantle contributions. This project will be supervised by Gary Stevens and Jean-François Moyen, with additional input from different people (Oscar Laurent and Alain Chauvet will most certainly contribute !).

Jean-Baptiste Combaz will be looking at the thermochronology of the Kaapvaal craton. He will focus on detrital minerals from sedimentary sequences to discuss the possible peaks that marked the lithosphere evolution there. This project is co-supervised by Gary Stevens and Oscar Laurent, again with several other contributors.

Welcome to both of them !

Sean Hoffman (MSc student, Stellenbosch) did start his project (with Matthew Mayne) some time ago already, but we are glad to formally include him in our cllaboration…